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A reference point to learn about all Flat Earth models, popular and lesser-known, to allow open minded people to inform themselves about the alternatives.

What is Flat Earth Theory?

Mainstream science teaches us that the world is a globe. Many of us find this answer unsatisfactory, and so in the true scientific spirit we work to develop alternatives, we work to find the truth. As with any scientific theory there will be good and bad aspects throughout its development. This wiki serves to chronicle all of them.

See something laughably wrong? Glance at the alternatives, you might find them surpisingly persuasive. Seen something elsewhere that isn't here? Great! Start a page. See something intriguing? That's what we're here for.

What sets Flat Earth Theory apart from the mainstream is its openness. People are encouraged to think for themselves and not merely follow one leader, to come to their own conclusions based on what information and data they can find. Unlike mainstream science the focus is on how to think and how to reason, not on what to think.

Recall your science classes, recall your exams. What were you tested on? Were you taught the scientific method and given situations to apply it to, given the option and opportunity to exercise your mind and independent thinking? Or were you told line after line of dry facts you were meant to regurgitate on cue? Perhaps you studied science further, in which case how long was it before you were finally taught the why of what children are taught? How many years do you have to repeat and reinforce rote-learned claims before you are actually taught why anyone believes it?

Flat Earth Theory has historically been opposed to this. Instead of telling you what to believe, look at the options, see which ones make sense, see how they compare to what we are all told about a spinning ball. Think for yourself and make up your own mind.

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Prominent Flat Earth Groups and Individuals

International Flat Earth Research Society

Flat Earth Society


Mark Sargent

Scientific Principles

Density (Gravity)

Universal Acceleration




The Earth

Infinite Plane

Ice Wall


The Sun, Moon and Stars

Stellar Whirlpools

Celestial Gravitation

Shadow Object

Evidence for Flat Earth Theory

Bedford Level Experiment

Responses to Common Round Earth Arguments

Spectroscopy (Stars)


Moon Landing Video

High Altitude Photographs

Neutrino Experiments

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